How to get 20gb free on MTN, but its valid for just 24hrs.

Hello. I hope you had a wonderful day, today we are looking in getting 20gb free on MTN, but its valid for just 24hrs. I saw this post first on so I decided to share because I know it would be useful to freebuzzblog users. So to get you free 20Gb check the requirements below and follow the steps.


  1. Android phone.
  2. New MTN sim or any sim you haven’t used to claim the MyMTN 500MB before.
  3. MyMTN app.
  4. Auto clicker app Β¦ download here

How to get 20gb free on MTN, but its valid for just 24hrs.

> Make sure you have not used the MTN SIM to register on MyMTN app before following below steps.

> Download MyMTN Mobile App on playstore and register on it. Then, you will be given FREE 500MB.

> But note that on top of the app, they will tell you to claim the 500MB but do not claim it yet.

> Now, download Auto Clicker– Automatic Tap on Playstore, simply download any available and working Auto clicker.

> Now, give permission to the Auto-clicker app and open the MyMTN app and place the auto-clicker on the β€œCLICK TO CLAIM 500MB” link and leave it to auto-click it before the link goes off.

With the help of the auto-clicker, you can get up to 30GB or more. It depends on how fast you click on it. Meanwhile, you can also click on it with speed without auto-clicker app.

The Data is valid for how many days?

It valid for 24 hours. You can find more SIMs that have not been used to register on MyMTN app and activate as many data as you like at any time.

Drop comments below for any problem encountered in the comment box below πŸ‘‡.

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