How to get Google Adsense approval in 7 days

Normally getting adsense in Nigeria seems to be hard, but today we are looking into the step to get adsense for your blog /website. I got adsense approval for my blog {} last week after applying for the second time. Follow the steps below strictly if you want to get adsense approval and don’t neglect any step. The steps is mainly for WordPress users but Blogspot users can also adapt same procedure for positive reply from Adsense.

How to get Google Adsense approval in 7 days.

> How old is your blog?

The first thing you need to correct in your website is your blog age. Your blog must be older than a month before applying for google adsense.

> Write good blog posts

You must have at least 15 blog posts on your site with more than 300 words each.

> Get traffic from social media

Try and get at least 100 visitors for 3 day consecutively. Social media and forum traffic are the best so try get traffic to your website. You can try Facebook, Twitter, telegram and nairaland and your source of traffic.

> Don’t copy post from other blogs

Don’t copy post from other site. Write your blog post by your self so you can get quick adsense approval.

> Add watermark to your images.

Try and add watermark to your images.

> Add special pages and navigations.

Add pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, advertise with us.

> Get premium themes or remove footer credits.

Get premium themes/template for your blog. If you are using a free WordPress theme, add this short code
.site-info { display: none; }“ to your site CSS page under customizer to remove footer credit.

> Remove any other ad code on your blog for the main time of application.

Remove any other ad code on your site for the main time except for any sponsored ad your add to your widget.

Follow all the steps above and am sure you will get google adsense approval with 7 days. Drop comments for any problem encountered in the comment box below.

— If you can’t follow the step above you can contact us with a token and we will review you blog/website and get the Google adsense for you with 7 days —

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