How to make 100$ from Google Admob Self Clicking trick 2019.

It feels good when you make 100$ monthly for just making your own app and tapping on the ad it displays your self. So on today’s tutorial we looking into the steps to create an Admob earning app and make cool cash online. So follow the steps below and lets dive in.


  • Android phone.
  • Apk Editor ¦ download here.
  • Editable app ¦ download here.

How To Create an the Admob Account for the self click trick.

> To create an Admob account, you must have a registered Gmail account, though I recommend that you create a new Gmail account for Admob self clicking.The only thing you need to create a new Gmail account is a phone number that has not been used for any Gmail account.

> Enter/copy this address on your browser like this: will be asked to sign in to your Google account to continue with Admob or create a new Google account. Depending on your choice but I recommend that you create a new Google account for this.

> Click on create new Google account and follow up all other prompts.

> Once you are done creating the account, you will be redirected again to the AdMob sign up page, from there you can continue with the Admob account creation click on the App icon to add an app to your account.

> From there, click on create an Ad unit, select banner and interstitial adverts. Copy out the ID of each ad unit you created.

> Move to the payment option and update your name and payment address.That’s all for Admob account.Now we will be moving to the App creation and the AdMob Self Clicking Kit so don’t get tired yet.

How to Create Your Own Google Admob Earning App

> First, You have to download Apk Editor Here

> Install both applications and launch Apk Editor

> Click on select Apk from Apps> Locate the editable Apk by Lukastechs {ULEH} and click on it.

> Click on full edit (Resource Rebuild)

> Then click on decode all files.

> Then, scroll down, locate admob_interstial_id

> scroll down again and also locate banner_ad_unit_id

> Replace with the corresponding ad unit given to you in your admob account.

> After making changes, click on Build at the top right hand side.

> Lastly, click on install so that changes will take effect.

How to Click Admob ads without being Banned.

You would Need a strong VPN for this, so below 👇 is a list of trusted VPN we recommend.

  • Express VPN
  • Turbor VPN
  • Windscribe VPN
  • Hide My Ass VPN.

Click the ad at most 14 times a day and you will see the outcome within a week.

Thanks for following the steps , after successfully following the step above I think you should be an earner by now. Comments below for any problem encountered in the comment box below 👇.

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  1. Avatar Miracle says:

    If I earn how will i withdraw it

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    Will i be changing my location anytime i click an ad?

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    “Then click on decode all files.”

    There is no option like that after clicking on full edit. Can u drop a screenshot?

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    Thanks for the previous reply i appreciate I’m only having one problem the edited app is not installing

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    Have done everything but the apps I was sent to edit has either not showing ads or no place to paste the banner Id or the interstitial… please has anyone here been able to get pass through this and is now having ads? Please share how you did, thanks in advance.

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